The history of our company began in the early 60s under the name C.T.T. (Tuscan Thermotechnic Constructions).

Initially it dealt with processes of metallic workings on behalf of third parties, soon developing a solid experience in the pressing and welding fields.
In the 70s, further to orders in the thermohydraulics field, from a branch of C.T.T. the mark “AQUAPRESS” spreads out. From being a support section for the main activities, it evolves until to best summarize the prerogatives of the company which started to propose itself independently on the market. Since 1980 it produces exclusively autoclaves and expansion tanks with the brand “AQUAPRESS”. In time the company has been known and appreciated for the quality of its products, the flexibility and the attention to its own customers, trying together to meet the market requirements. Today this still remains our main goal and our greatest satisfaction.
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